Apr, 08

SPIRE Bioventures signs a partnership agreement with the Visionary Group

SPIRE Bioventures and Visionary have entered a partnership agreement to share resources on health science opportunities globally. The Visionary group is an industry agnostic Investor and Business Development platform. SPIRE Bioventures has deep expertise in health sciences worldwide. 

Visionary is partnering with SPIRE Bioventures to bring key expertise (20+ experts in their...

Dec, 18

Alexza Pharmaceuticals' CEO joins SPIRE Bioventures as a mentor

SPIRE Bioventures is excited to announce that Thomas King, President, CEO and a Board member of Alexza Pharmaceuticals is joining SPIRE Bioventures as a mentor for the group.  He was previously CEO of Cognetix and Anesta Corp.  During his 20+ year tenure as a CEO, he has raised more than $1 billion in equity...

Jan, 22

SPIRE Bioventures en Expansion - Catalunya

Expansión Catalunya

Fecha: jueves, 22 de enero de 2015

CATALUNYA Jueves 22 enero 2015 Expansión 5

Directivos de California crean una aceleradora ‘biotech’

EN BARCELONA/ Joaquim Trias, Albert Zamora y Hatim Chraibi, ubicados en Palo Alto, constituyen Spire Bioventures para impulsar biotecnológicas catalanas.

C.Fontgivell. Barcelona


La biotecnología catalana contará, en los...